Jason Myhre: When you first start conceptualizing bringing faith and investing together, you say, “Oh, this is going to have some implications for how I do it.” And certainly it does. But I think what is a surprise is how transforming the vision becomes as you enter into investing. It’s no longer about funding an account or looking at a pie chart. You actually see yourself connected to a larger story about what God is doing in the world. A story that began in creation, and that will culminate in new creation. And you take on this new sense of identity as an image bearer of God, supplying capital to enlarge the beauty and provision of the garden for the benefit of all and for the glory and honor of God.

It’s not just dealing with investing more ethically, or doing some good with investing, or doing investing with excellence. Although, it entails all of those things. It’s actually seeing yourself as a character in God’s grand story. And so, so much of life begins to be imbued with meaning and significance. And you see yourself as having this noble and high calling as a under ruler of God over his good creation. And it’s something that yields just a tremendous sense of joy, gratitude, and wonder to the act of investing.

Category: Faith, Investing
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