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Discovering God's Story for Investing

As Christians, we live our lives between two big, competing stories: the story the world tells us, which shapes so much of our lives, and God’s story, which we are to make our primary home.1 

Consider the number of hours that we would invest into a CFP program (250 hours), or a CFA program (975 hours). We spend all these hours learning how to be good wealth managers in the ‘school of the world.’ But how many hours are we investing in that same exercise seeking to understand from God’s point of view how we should be approaching and practicing investing?

Lesslie Newbigin, a very famous missionary and missiologist, said, “If the biblical story does not control our thinking, then inevitably we will be swept into the story the world tells about itself.”2 We are already in that stream of seeing investing in the story of the world, because that’s where we’ve gotten our education.

That’s why we at the Eventide Center for Faith & Investing have designed this course for Christian financial advisors–to create a place where we can ‘go to school’ under God’s story as it relates to investing, so that we can be equipped to be authentic signs of God’s Kingdom in the world of financial advising today.

Does God have an alternative story for investing? 

What would he say wealth management should be? 

How can we answer that question?

Overview of the Course

    Live classes
    Live guided peer discussion
    Practical resources

In our 6-lesson course, ECFI’s Executive Director Jason Myhre combines his 14 years of industry experience with the collective wisdom of theologians and finance professionals to answer three main questions: 1) What story is the world telling us about investing and why is it flawed? 2) What is God’s story for investing and what are its salient features? 3) How do we live out God’s story in the modern investing landscape? 

By the end of this course, you will confidently know God’s purposes for investing and how to share God’s story for investing with your clients and prospects, whether they are Christian or not. Even more, you will leave with a renewed sense of joy and purpose as you serve God in your wealth management practice.

This course is offered in two versions: a live online course and a 2-day in-person intensive.

  1. 1
    The World's Story for Investing: The Problem

    Learn to discern the story of the world. How did we get here? What are the dangers of investing just like the world?

  2. 2
    God's Story for Investing: Good Products
  3. 3
    God's Story for Investing: Good Practices
  4. 4
    God's Story for Investing: Good Profits
  5. 5
    Living Out God's Story: Putting it Into Practice
  6. 6
    Living Out God's Story: Sharing With Clients
This course is offered in two versions:
  • Live Online Course

    Presented over six weeks in one 90-minute session per week, this option includes live teaching and discussion.

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    90 Minute Lessons
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    Peer Discussion
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    6 Lessons
    Small Cohorts
    Peer Discussion
    Supplementary Resources
    CE Credit for CFP, KA + IWI

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