Learn a biblical framework for faithful investing.

Overview of Our Education

Don’t be discouraged that the word “investing” doesn’t pop up in your Bible’s concordance.

When investing is seen in its most fundamental form, the scriptures come to life with rich meaning into the purpose of investing. This sets forth a beautiful calling for investors and financial advisors to participate faithfully in investing that cultivates joy, pleases God, and blesses others.

We offer courses for both individuals and financial advisors that explore how God’s story shapes investing and guides us into how we can invest in a way that makes both God and the world rejoice.

  • Individual

    This self-guided, online course provides individuals with education related to a biblical approach to investing. It explores the basic purpose of investing, outlines how the biblical story speaks to that purpose, and provides considerations for how to practice faithful investing.

  • Financial Advisor

    This live-taught, online or in-person course provides financial advisors with a biblical approach to their vocation. Like the individual course, it teaches on the purpose and biblical vision for investing. Additionally, this course speaks pointedly to the vocational calling of financial advisors and the unique challenges and opportunities they face in serving both their clients and the Lord.